Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Finally! A day to try to finish my novel. Instead I am checking my credit report and blogging! It is still permanently mercury retrograde in my life. This time the roommate bought a cat. I have cat allergies. She knew. I'm moving out. Hence the credit report checking.

This is the consequence of engaging in unpaid labor. Roommates. You have very few ways of protecting your environment. But I am four pages away from finishing this fucker and I promised I would finish by the inauguration. And well I have to protest Thursday at 5 so I better start typing.

Is there a word for that activity of doing everything except writing after spending days trying to get time to write?

Does this mean that Jake is almost 2? Has he been in office half as long as monkey-man our fearless leader?

Ange I have your collected Ginsberg and your Lift Jonas Issue but I think I told you that and you said to keep holding on to it. Is that possible?

Please everyone Creatively Visualize me finishing my novel on the inaguration.


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