Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i'm glad that's over with.

thank you for coming!


a few things... before we go...

the journal, minor/american, will be ready for you to hold in yr hands on june 16. there will be 15 copies available via the internet. the rest will be gone, we are pretty sure, before we leave town on june 25. more info will come to you regarding this... but here are the contributors for issue one:

samar abulhassan, matthew arnone, thérése bachand, brandon brown, david buuck, youmna chlala, ca conrad, elise ficarra, megan pruiett, andrea rexilius, suzanne stein, & alli warren.

hand-sewn, only 50 will be made.

we will post re: issue 2 submissions when we arrive & settle in Durham! the theme for issue 2 is : CITY.


what else?

we officially adopted bear dog. here are the happy brothers:

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