Wednesday, November 08, 2006


i can tell you that i did, in fact, vote Green. & this is because when i tried to vote Democrat, & i tried really hard, & i even did in a few instances [Diane!]... i felt a wave a disgust overcome my entire body & just couldn't bring myself to do it.

i believe that one day there will be a Green Party candidate that can win everyone over. the Dems are too much like the Reps...

i am disappointed that the new energy bill didn't pass... i don't know WHY but maybe the news can explain it to me.

i find the discussion over at philly sound to be enlightening & a signal of how divided our country has become. it is inevitable. the democrats are not the same democrats they were 15 years ago. the world has changed. & yes, i'm happier w/ a balance of power.

but i still believe in voting Green if that's what you truly want.

just in case you were wondering.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

Angeledis was for education, women's rights, the environment and gay marriage. That's hardly the same as a republican.

I think the phrasology of saying "there's no difference" between Repubs and Dems is a phrase made to benefit the Republicans.

That said, I agree with a lot of what the Green Party believes; however, it's necesarry to get the Republicans out of office before big change like a Green Party candidate can be elected to the House or Senate or Governorship or Presidency.

Hopefully it'll happen sooner than later. And with the Repubs losing House and Senate, it should be within reach.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

As well, I think the last 6 years proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is, indeed, a remarkable difference between Republicans and Democrats.

I'm waiting for the Socialist Democratic Party to be a force within these states, myself.

minor american ii said...

you have me on foreign policy. that's what i get for making generalizations. but it will be much harder for you to convince me of domestic policy being much different... the democrats are moving center & the republicans are moving further to the right... so in that way, sure, there's a difference...

maybe conrad can help by re-telling his story about seeing Howard Dean speak in Philly. i seem to recall a purposeful move toward the center being part of it.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

yeah, i heard something sort of sour about dean. and i HEART dean. i thought he was supposed to (as chair of the party) take this party away from it's percieved wishy-washiness and make this a more well-defined party--like a line in the sand sort of thing. i mean, it may not sound pretty, but what the democrats NEED to be is AGRESSIVE.

be - agressive! be -e aggressive!

(i just did a sommersault thinking about it)

so i'd like to hear this story about dean, since i don't think he has been pulling it off so well.

poet CAConrad said...

First may I say something about Dean? YES, he's been talking about changing the way the Democrats approach abortion. This is why it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to vote Democrat in PA senate, as our PA Democrat, Casey, is VERY VERY PRO LIFE. But he won. Anyway... My dear old friend Janet Mason here in Philly went to hear Dean speak at a kind of uppity Daughters of the Revolution kind of brunch. He was the only man in the room. And he said at one point that we NEED to stop talking about abortion. Janet said she wanted to throw her plate of food in his face she was so fucking mad.

I LOVED Howard Dean at one time. And I certainly don't HATE HIM now, and I REALLY DO BELIEVE THE man was set up with that microphone. Someone set out to destroy him, and they did do so. But he's problematic just the same.

WHAT I REALLY want to say though, something that mirrors what you say Logan, something that really MAKES ME EXCITED AND CHARGES ME! One of my heroes, former president of NARAL Kate Michelman had something SO BRILLIANT to say! Click here to see where I posted about what she said, complete with full transcript from the debate she was part of on MEET THE PRESS. Michelman goes right to the heart of the problem, the VERY SAME thing you say Logan, and that's the need to be aggressive, the need TO HAVE FUCKING COURAGE AND STAND BY OUR GROUND!

Look, I'm not going to hide the fact that I'm glad the Democrats won. I voted Green as much as I could in PA. And in PA I had to write-in the senate Green candidate Carl Romanelli because the Democrat Casey had him thrown off the ballot. In fact the vulgar facts ALL ACROSS this country during this last election mere days ago was pre-election vote fixing.

I've already had a series of very heated debates with poets here in Philly about it. And I DO SEE what all sides are saying. But I just want us to all at the very least support the fact that it's WRONG to throw 3rd parties off the ballot. It's terrible. It's not democratic, not one bit.

Anyway, it's exhausting watching the news. I mean, really, I cannot stand it. The terrible things going on in Iraq we help fund with our tax dollars, OH! We need to stop this madness.

My best to you all!

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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