Thursday, August 10, 2006


OK. Given the recent and endless reports concerning the thwarted terror attacks, I'd like to propose a radical new political agenda. Let us go back in time and thwart all colonization that occurred during the last 800 years. This I think will stop the number of terrorist attacks in the West. It will force us to make some sacrifices too, like, for instance, a significantly poorer English throne. Oprah Winfrey will also have to give up her new Hawaiian house (notice its plantation stylings), and all of us will probably have to do without rock and roll, as blues will probably not be sung in the same ways. So let us sacrifice John, Paul, George, and Ringo, not to mention tacos, Indian food, and our general wealth for a new era of peace. I take it John will agree, but Sir Paul will be upset that he had to remain middle-class.

-- Maggie

PS: Duh ! There would be no Oprah Winfrey. Sorry, it's hard to imagine, but the sacrifices we will make will be worth it for our children.


Herr Richter said...

Sold! Now, how to make a time machine? I have 2 straws, a pair of kangaroo shoes size 6 (you can fit a penny in the side pocket), three pinecones (still on tree), 5 pages from a book printed with a typewriter that apparently had a broken e key, and several old photographs of Rudy Ray Moore. We'll of course have to find a way to sneak into NASA headquarters. No worries, ol' Rudy Ray will help us if we get that far!

Anonymous said...

great ..thanks for sharing.....

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