Thursday, March 23, 2006


on my way home from german class i was listening to michael krasny's forum : Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality.

[unfortunately NOT online but maybe one day you will find it HERE

krasny interviews theologian Jack Rogers who has authored a book by the same title.

i've been thinking about the bible often. in fact it has been running in the background of my thoughts for this past year non-stop. it was triggered into overdrive one day while m and i were discussing Academia and Religion [how the two shalt not often meet]. later, we were out with several friends after a reading and i was struck by the absoluteness my fellow revellers had re: the non-existence of GOD and, moreso, the underlying assumption that all present [being 'educated'] knew this as fundamental.

now, i'm not here to spout about GOD, so much, as to spout about how, at this point, the truth of the matter makes little to no difference. the belief does. the fact is: THEY believe GOD exists. and that HE wrote the bible. [and even worse, the HE wrote it in English. tho i think this point really does matter] and *what* THEY believe about the bible [which i'm currently reading and must say God is one big asshole so far... and thank Him for having a Son bc if he didn't and he is real we'd all be in some serious trouble] has an impact on my life in this world.

all this to say... Jack Rogers is someone who has read the bible. and researched. and he found all sorts of insertions about homosexuality. [insertions = entered into by the culture after the fact].

this is good news. if anyone wants to hear it. and gee... maybe if THEY actually read the bible things might be a little different.