Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Astrological Explanation!

Ok so the remastered BORN TO RUN is released today as a special box set that includes a complete Concert DVD from London 1975 and a DVD on the making of the album. In all the press I spotted a possible astrological reason for obsession with Springsteen. BORN TO RUN was an obsessive effort -- it was the 3rd album Bruce made for Columbia. His first two were critical successes and commercial flops. If this album didn't make it, he would most likely get dropped from the label. The album has Spector-like "wall of sound" production with over-dub after over-dub. 18 hour days were the norm and I think it took six months just to record the title track to Bruce's liking. The album was completed on July 20, 1975 at 8am and the band went straight from the studio into a van to Providence, RI for a show. July 20, 1975 was my third birthday (Born to Run was Springsteen's 3rd album) and Providence is the town I ran to when I finally escaped NJ. So there's the explanation. Bruce is my Elvis. I sight him eating Ding-Dongs everywhere.

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great ..thanks for sharing.....

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